My mission is to create the highest quality face, body, and hair care products using only the finest natural ingredients that make all of us look and feel better. I’m honored to share my creations with you. This is a fascinating journey and I'm happy that you're a part of it.

My personal quest to create the highest quality body scrubs and natural oil formulas began years ago. Struggling with eczema, severely dry, itchy, and unhealthy skin, I tried many products and hated the feel of glycerin, mineral oil, toxic chemicals, and other cheap filler ingredients.

These products either did nothing or worsened my skin problems. I was also concerned about harmful chemicals lurking in these concoctions. For a young man, my skin felt and looked horrible. I suffered as did my confidence and sense of wellness. I knew there had to be healthy and natural solutions.

At the apex of my frustration, I created my first basic batch of body scrub. After many years and hundreds of tests, I perfected the Noble Body pure cane sugar body scrub. As my knowledge of natural ingredients expanded, I began to create other products such as the first true Men's face oil:

Noble Body's The Original. Face Oil for Men.

Noble Body's Face Oil for Men. The Original.

During this journey, my goal to help myself morphed into a desire to create something magnificent to help many people with their skin.

I would like to thank everyone that willingly tested products for Noble Body. Without your valuable information, opinions, and feedback, I never could have created these natural and high quality formulas. Thank you!

With pure, true, and healthy regards, 

Johnny Noble             Johnny Noble founder of Noble Body black and white photo